Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This N That Tuesday

I realized today, that in all the chaos that comes with running a business and taking care of the kids, I have neglected my blog. I love my blog. My readers are some of the most wonderful, kind, and supportive people that I have "met"!

Noah is 10 months old now. He has started pulling up on everything . It makes me happy. It makes me sad. Mostly, I can't believe that next month (6/29) he will be turning one.
We planted a garden in our backyard this year, in addition to the apple trees, we are now growing Zucchini, Radishes,Eggplant,Onions, Tomatoes, Strawberries,Broccoli,Potatoes,Cucumbers, Spinach, 2 kinds of lettuce, Cantelope,Watermelon, Pumpkin, peppers, and green beans.
The other day I wrote about something that had happened regarding a company I was writing for. After doing some research, I discovered that no one has ever really had their professional writing career springboard from there, and most places do not consider pieces that were written for this place as "published" content because anyone can write for this place. So, it turns out, me moving on was a good thing.
On that note, I am now the Elementary Years Parenting Examiner and The Dekalb Schools Guide Examiner in addition to the Aurora Early Childhood parenting Examiner. I have also landed a few contracts, am in development for two books, and working on slew of other things...so take that people that don't want me to write for them anymore! When one door closes, several more open. Though the $60.00 I am out from the other place would be nice.
We adopted a cat 2 weeks ago. Well, more like I let a stray cat in the house while my husband was at work. But who wants to get technical?? The cat ran away today. Or was chased from the yard by our overly hyper lab Rusty. The kids were sad. I was sad. We looked. No sign of Zoey. At 8pm, a guy and a girl came knocking on the door. They had found Zoey. And were looking for her owners! She had run up a tree and got stuck. By a squirle. They went door to doo looking for her owners. Zoey is sleeping on my desk. I am grateful for people with kind hearts!

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