Sunday, May 30, 2010

The one where I get all random

I miss my blog. I realize that I have sorely neglected this makse me sad :-( When I first thought about testing the waters of blogging and "social networking", this blog was my first stop. It was kinda rough for a while. I didn't know what to write. I felt uncomfortable visting other blogger. And sometimes felt like I just wasn't good enough. But that is who I am. Struggling with feelings of "not being good enough". Anyways, shortly after starting this blog, I started using Twitter. (truth be told, I changed my Twitter name a few times....) then Facebook, and then things just took off for me. Which is a good thing. What is not a good thing is when I don't find time to write here on this blog. That is not so great. But I promise, that is changing.

So many things have changed that my life is barely recognizable to me at the moment. I started my own Freelance buisness. I have been doing little jobs, but nothing huge until recently. I was getting discouraged. Big time. Money was short (or non-exsistant) tensions where running high in our household. You have GOT to do something. I yelled at myself. So, I emailed a very dear friend who is also in the biz. "Where can I find some decent work? Especially because I have a lack of published clips?" The email response I got back was not what I had expected. Instead of links where I could send samples or Query letters, was an offer. To write. A BOOK! I was invited to be a contributing author in a book about building a bridge to spiritual accomplishment. I am honored. I am excited. The book is supposed to be released in December. I will start a book tour in January. I will get to do book signing. This is so huge. I am so EXCITED!

I am also working on my weightloss blog. This has been a great thing for me. It is keeping me motivated. I still plan on running the Chicago Marathon in 2011. :-)

Now for the loves of my life...My kids!

Damien just turned 8. (May 29th). We are having a party on Memorial Day for him. His last day of school is June 4th...then it is all four of them here at home...All. The. Time! I am working on planning a fun filled summer though. We are going camping, swimming, and a few other things as well.

Aidan is working on potty training. He is stubborn. He knows what to do, just choosed not too. He will be four in July. One more year, and he starts Kindergarten.

Morgan is just a ball of energy. She loves her barbies, babies, and playing in the pool. I can't belive she will be 3 in August.

And then there is Noah. My baby :) Well, my toddler now. He will be 1 in June. He is working on walking, talking, loves to swim, loves to play and eats a lot of what we will. I refuse to admit that he is no longer the itsy bitsy baby that I brought home almost a year ago.
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