Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Working from home....Effectively!!!

If you are like me, then you find yourself struggling day in and day out to find a way to make your day working from home more effective.

I have 3 children, one of whom is school aged (although at the time of posting he is currently on spring break) and the other two are ages 2 and 19 months. Finding time within my day to effectively promote and run my business is a task in and of itself. I have found myself sitting down at the computer to work only to find my mind bogged down with the endless to-do list of household chores that need to be done...you know...laundry, dishes, attempting to rescue one of the kids from the other...that sort of thing.

So I become sidetracked...and then fustrated. Why is it that tons of people all over the WORLD can work from home and succeed, but here I am staring at a blank computer screen because I cannot effectively put up a seperation from Work and Home?

Then one day, as I tried yet again to get the current weeks specials done while wrangling kitchen utensils from the 2 year old...a saying that my former boss used to impound on our brains daily, popped into my head...


I was not succeeding in working from home because I was going at it,while well meaning, haphazardly. I was setting myself up to fail before I even got a chance to start!

Here are the tips and tricks that i set for myself in the hopes that I can get myself back on track:

1.) Make a schedule and stick to it. When I was working for someone else and punching a time clock, not sticking to a schedule would surely lead to discipline or even termination...why should the same set of rules NOT apply to me now?

2.) Plan out your day's work. Nothing is more annoying then sitting down, prepared to work and then realizing that I had no clue on where to begin...

3.) Set clear and attainable goals. We all want to be millionaire. But face it, to make a success out of your business, weather online or in a "brick and motar" store, clear and attainable goals need to be set.

4.) Reward yourself for reaching those goals. Make it a point to recognize that you did a great job reaching your goals. Positive reinforcement is not for the birds...

To Your Success!!!!
Melissa Austin

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