Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am excited....

I wanted to take a moment and share my excitement with you all! For the past, gosh, almost year now, I have been working from home, or atleast trying to. It isn't always easy finding a good *fit*. My first Direct Sales experience ended when the company I was working with sent out an email saying that within 7 days they would be closing their doors. Not that I had been having much luck with the company, but here I was saddled with $1000 worth of merchendise and now no way to really promote it. So it got relegated to a box in the back of my hall closet. Only to be seen on the occasion when I try to sell some of it. (It really is nice jewelry, the company just...well stunk!)

I then ventured into the world of Handmade cards. I have done fairly well, and while this definately isnt my "millionaire" idea, it is nice to make a few bucks doing what I love

For the past couple of months I have felt...dispondent. With the economy going the way it does, and the impending arrival of baby #4, I was starting to wonder if my dreams of being a SAH/WAHM were just that, dreams.

Then a wonderful opportunity fell into my lap via email. A friend of mine is a director/consultant for Votre Vu. I had been pondering the idea of joining up after watching from afar the success these members were having. But I am always afraid to take the leap that could change everything....

Well I finally took that leap. And let me tell you, I feel great about it!!! Not only are the products amazing!!! With Votre Vu, you get a supportive team behind you guiding you and ensuring your success!

As I celebrate the Grand Opening of my new business, you will be sure to see posts on products, give aways and a lot more! Be sure to check them out!

Don't worry, The Kountry Store still will be around! That is my baby. So be sure to look for spring specials as well.

Please sign up today for my free email. Once a week you will get a newsletter packed with tips, advice, sales and great freebies....

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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