Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Years Resolutions. Do you make them?

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I am not one to typically wish away the year. But, I think, in a way, I am ready for 2010 to leave.

Many memories where made in 2010. Some good. Some bad. And I don't want to wish away any of the experiences. Good or bad. I don't believe that things happen to me. I believe that they happen for me. Sometimes I wish I knew why they happened, but I have learned that it is not my place to question the why.

2010 saw my family moved. Twice. Two different houses in a 6 month time span. But, after living in this house for a few months, I am certain that I have found our permanent home.

2010 signaled the end of a friendship. That loss devastated me. In fact, it shook me to my core and threw me off balance. It has taken months for me to get to the point where I can honestly say I am okay with it now. She has gone on to do wonderful things and it makes me smile because I know that I had a part, no matter how small, in them.

2010 also shook up our family. But, for now, everyone seems to be content with the way things are. I am not. But, again, I am in a place where I can say that I am okay.

2010 also saw the arrival of my nephew. I adore that kid. I look forward to seeing him over Christmas.

2010 was a year for me to grow as a person. As a mother. As a friend. I learned that I am strong enough to handle whatever life throws at me. I have lost a significant amount of weight and there are many new opportunities on the horizion.

Which leads me to my question. Do you make New Years Resolutions? And if you do, do you keep them?

I have been so bad about making and keeping them in the past. But, this year will be different. I have an amazing network of friends, and a personal trainer who rocks, to keep me accountable on all levels.

So, what are your New Years Resolutions? And will you actually keep them?

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  1. I make them but usually squelch on them in the first week or so.

    I have actually considered this year not to bother but I have some goals I would really like to accomplish so it looks like I will try again.

    Hopefully 2011 will be a more easy going year for you!


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