Saturday, April 4, 2009

Top 5 Spring and Summer Beauty Must Haves From Votre Vu

Top 5 Spring and Summer Beauty Must Haves:

1.) A good Sunscreen. An SPF of atleast 30 is reccomended. Check out Votre Vu's SPF 30 Sunscreen

2.)Moisturizer. The spring season is upon us, which means digging in the yard. Save your hands with moisturizer that protects and lasts a long time

3.) A gentle and effective cleanser. I highly reccomend Votre Vu's Best Reguards. I use this stuff on a daily basis and just love it

4.) Kissable lips. Make your lips kissably soft with this lip balm

5.) Toner for all Skin Types

Check out Votre Vu to see how you can make 2009 your best year yet!!!

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