Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Considering Making The Choice To Homeschool...

It is not a choice that I ever thought I would have to consider. I am a certified teacher and have (or had) faith in our public school system. Although I never once thought ill of someone who did homeschool, I often wondered why they would take their child out of a setting like that.

Fast forward to this year. My son is in first grade.Well let me rephrase that he is in first grade, but was placed in a K/1 split this year with a teacher who is extremely unorganized, though well meaning. As the school year draws to a close, I look back through the folder that I keep his work in. Being that he has a learning disability, I keep close track of the work that he does. The folder is pretty bare. Sure there are a few worksheets and scrap paper that has been scribbled on. But that is pretty much the extent of it. Maybe he isnt bringing home his work? Then I think back to my very first conference with his teacher. Her words in reply to my concern of lack of work "I am keeping it all for the first 6 weeks, then will begin sending it home" Ummm...ok, well there are 6 weeks left of school and I still haven't seen as much work as I should be seeing.

Then I think back to our last conference. As I sat across from the teacher, his principal, and early intervention teacher I specifically asked that the teacher send home any incomplete work as well as some extra worksheets for him to work on. They were adamant that he need to be held back, so I wanted him to get as caught up as possible. Maybe I didn't ask that question, but a quick phone call to my husband confirms that I did ask that question and the teacher agreed. So why haven't I seen anything since then? Why have my emails and letters and phone calls on this matter gone unheeded?

Then there is the whole thing with is biological father. He has no legal custody whatsoever, I submitted papers...THREE the school. So tell me why he is showing up, getting access to records and enrollement papers with MY personal information on it? I have verbally and thru email and letter, stated that I am to be notified of any communitcation with his why is it NOT happening?

There are many, many other instances that I could sit here and outline. The bottom line is I am not strike that...I am disgusted with the way our public school system works here.

So, now I am faced with a choice. Do I re-enroll him for next year (even though it will be another school, but in the same district) or do I look at possibly homeschooling him atleast for the year? I know that if I were to homeschool him I could make sure that he was learning what he needed to learn in order to advance. I would have control over his education. I would know that he is learning and that my wishes are being met.

But if I pull him out, will he be missing out on valuable social experiences? He does have outside activites such as CubScouts, sports and things of that nature.

I want to do what is best for my son and at this point I am not sure if a public school system is what is best for him anymore....

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