Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Tidbits

It's Tuesday, which means I get to be random. Ah, who am I kidding, I am random every day!

I used to designate Tuesdays as "This and That" Tuesdays on my blog. Then life kinda got in the way and it fell to the wayside. But, I am back in all my random glory.

The Kids:Is it spring yet? We have the worst case of cabin fever around these parts. We get out when we can, but the bitter cold is brutal to say the least. They are climbing the walls. I am climbing the walls and the dog is chewing everything up. Aidan starts kindergarten in August. I am sad. Because then next year Morgan follows, then 2 years after that Noah follows. Then I will actually have the house all to myself. But, I am still sad. They are growing up too damn fast.

Life:Life is moving at record pace it seems. Things are always changing. Which I guess could be a good thing. But, as I said yesterday, I don't like change. But, unless I want to get left behind, I probably should adapt. I have been updating my blog, Bye, Bye Fat Girl. If you haven't checked it out you should. If you feel so inclined, please follow and share with anyone that you know that may be struggling with their weight and eating.

There are some things coming up that I am pretty excited about. One being the completion of my manuscript. After my rejection letter I decided to completely re-write the whole thing. It is totally different then the original version. (And better too!) I am committed to seeing this thing published this year. There is also my non fiction book that I need to get going on.

I am still plugging away working from home. I am slowly learning to balance my time a little better. I have my to-do list written out, accountability boards,things like that. It's nice to stay orgainized. I am learning that being your own boss, while fullfilling, is hard as all hell.

Well, that is it for now. I am off to play World Of Warcraft  get some work done (I will not play WoW, I will not play WoW) and settle in to watch another episode of The Biggest Loser

Have a Great Night!!

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