Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Grandfather's Love

My grandpa passed away a little over  6 years ago now. And, I miss him dearly. I think that is why I am so thrilled that my dad is an active part of my kid's lives. My dad is the kind of grandpa that my grandfather (his dad) was. He is strong and kind. He loves with his whole heart. Unfortunately, my dad is not one to be photographed often so, I haven't gotten a chance to have pictures with the kids...until this Christmas.

Papa and the kids
I absoultely LOVE this picture. I am going to get it printed out and framed. Noah has been timid around my dad for some time, so I was happy when I snapped this next picture.

Noah loving his Papa

Noah finally decided that he loved his papa and was glued to him for most of the time we were there at Christmas.

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