Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ready To Make A Difference? Will YOU Join Me?

It’s Earth Day! If you have been wanting to find a way to “make a difference” now is the time to start. Because even just a baby step is still a step!

To that end, American Express has joined with to bring you opportunites to make a difference and provide you with a place to express your passion!

1. Take a moment and vote for your favorite charity to receive funding from American Express. Volunteer time, donate, or tell friends. Everyone can take a small step with the Members Project and start making a difference.

2. After you register here, volunteer at the charities that American Express helps you find and you will get Membership Reward Points for doing so

3. Vote once a week for causes you think American express should fund. The Members Project is donating $200k to 5 causes every 3 months. This quarters voting ends 5-24-2010!

4. Donate money or membership rewards points to one of each voting periods 50 selected charities or choose from over 1 million other charities.

5. Share your involvement and encourage others to participate

Everyone wants make a change. It is just a point of figuring out where to start. With The TakePart program, you can start making a change today. Sometimes the smallest of steps can lead to the biggest of change!

What will you do to make a difference? I signed up with the TakePart program, won’t you join me?

(This is a post that supports Members Project from American Express. By posting my thoughts and the information, I am eligible to win a gift card that is being provided from the One2One Network. )

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  1. Just reading your post made me want to scream, and I don't even know you! It sounds like an injustice to me!! If I could afford it, I would hire you to help me write posts...but the money would have to come out of my food envelope and I don't think my tribe would appreciate it!


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