Thursday, October 29, 2009

What really matters

Right now, my bloggy friend Jen's one year old little boy is fighting...for his very life. (You can read about his story here ) Today is his 1st birthday, and I am sure that she never imagined she would be spending it in the PICU of her hospital, watching her son fight this battle...

I have followed her story rather closely since first getting to "meet" her online many months ago. In fact, it was during her son's last lengthy hospital stay that I was introduced to Jen and her Many Small Children. And it was during that time that I learned just how strong human spirit really can be, as thousands of people, who never met one another, came together to pray, no matter what their faith, for this little boy, his family and the doctors.

She allowed all of us glimpses into her personal hell, sharing her sadness when he was sick, her joy when he was getting better, her anger, her laughter, her tears....even though this is her journey, she is sharing the load with thousands all over the world, and I am honored to share this journey with her family.

Following her story, especially over the last 2 days, has opened my eyes. My faith, that had been stuck in a corner to gather dust, has been found again, and I am finding myself slowly returning to the faith I used to have.

We spend so much time feeling sorry for ourselves, lamenting over what we don't have, being angry, voicing unkind words...that we aren't living. Life is going by, we can't stop it...for every 60 seconds we spend being angry, or upset, that is one minute of happiness we will never get back.

Life is short. As the Nickleback song goes "Each day's a gift..but not a given right"

We are not promised a tomorrow, we are only promised a today. How we choose to live our "today" is our choice. Will we be happy or will we live is sadness and anger?

I know how I am going to live my "Today"

How will you?

Praying for Stellan so that he feels the love that so many have for him...Be Strong Little Man

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  1. A Beautiful post! Thank you! I think Stellan's story did the same for me the last time he was in the hospital. I just kept thinking "what?? again? how much can this poor child and his family take?" McMamma answers that every time with her faith. Really makes me open my eyes to the gifts God has given me.
    Thank you again for such a wonderful post!


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