Monday, October 5, 2009

Where oh Where are those darned socks?!?

I hate laundry. I think I have made that fact perfectly clear both on this blog and in person, to my husband. He laughs. He thinks I am joking. Wait until hes out of clean underware, then we will see who is laughing.

The worst part about it isn't the folding. I like that part. The clothes smell good. Makes me feel accomplished. It is the socks. I hate the socks.

I hate them so much that I will just put all the loose socks into a laundry basket and hope that someone will sort them out. Usually that someone is me.

I have decided that there is indeed a sock gnome. He lives somewhere in my laundry room. Coming out only to feed on poor innocent socks. This is not based on myth or legend. This is based on fact. Scienctific fact.

One day I decided to experiment. I was bored. I was also looking for Noah's socks. I knew I had put them in the wash. Now, they were gone.

I decided it was time to expose the sock gnome for who he really was. A killer of socks. A destroyer of a mom's sanity.

So I threw in one pair of socks. Just one. I know a waste of laundry soap and water. But anything for science right?

They made it through the wash ok. No sign of the gnome. When it came time to take them out of the was gone. The sock gnome had struck again!!!

Scientific data points to something taking that sock.

I have decided to thwart that sock gnome.

I am purchasing several lingerie garment bags to wash my socks in.This way he cannot steal them anymore.

One the plus side, putting socks away will be easy. Each person in the house will have their own bag.

Never have to sort and fold socks again.

Take that you evil sock gnome...

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