Friday, June 18, 2010

This Father's Day...

I am lucky beyond words to have a man in my life like my husband.
He has stuck by me through thick and thin.
Sure there were times that I am sure that we should have thrown in the towel
And I can't count how many times we both packed bags and left, only to return a short time later.
He has supported my dreams
He loves my oldest as if he were his own
He is a wonderful father. He takes amazing care of all four children. My heart swells with love for him when I watch them play.
I am lucky.
I know what it feels like to be loved. Wanted. Needed.
Despite our troubles, we remain together...comitted to making this marriage work.
My husband is so much like my dad.
Honest and loyal. Hardworking and loving.
Maybe that is what drew me to my husband. My dad is the perfect male role model.
I love my dad
And my husband.
I am forever lucky that I have these two men in my life
And that my children have them as someone they can look up to.
Happy Father's Day Dad
Happy Father's Day Steve
I love you both more than words

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